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discover intrinsic peace

Sensei teaches that the mind is intrinsically still and clear. However, due to habitual attachment to self-identity, and clinging to numerous other concepts, most people rarely experience peace for sustained periods of time…if ever. That can change for you beginning today.

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Sensei your presence came up very strongly in my meditation this afternoon. I pray all is well with you. 
I want to express deep gratitude from the very depth of my heart. Because of the power and awakening of possibility you helped me manifest, I was able to set and enforce boundaries while keeping love and compassion in the relationship. My life would be so different without that life change. My home has become my ashram. 
🙏🏼 Thank you! 

Mangala c.

Sensei Derek has helped me to see the challenges in my life from a different perspective and to realize that I am ok. He has taught me to be more accepting of things as they are, trust in the universe and be open to the possibility of the miraculous.

Liz T.

a good start…

Meditate Daily

Live Peacefully

Eat Consciously