Hacker Politics: Revolution & Democracy 2.0

Written By: Derek Fletcher

Release Date: January 15, 2018

Formats: Paperback ($9.99 usd) & eBook ($4.99 usd)

Available Now: Click Here To Buy Hacker Politics on Amazon!


In this book, Derek Fletcher, articulates two major challenges facing America. Rather than addressing the external threats to America’s democracy, he focuses on those which he deems a greater threat, and they are internal. It is equally blistering in its description of the US government’s present relationship with its citizens (and actions abroad) as it is about the lack of conscious revolutionary spirit in today’s Americans. This is not a history book. Nor is it a polemic against any particular person or party. This analysis, and its call to action, is above the plane of identity politics and scapegoating. The focus is expansion rather than destruction.

Several unique political theories and propositions for debate and discussion are presented. Among them, are complete transparency of government action as a matter of right and the configuration of a new revolutionary paradigm that is every bit as spirited and challenging to the status quo as the classical American revolutionary model. An essential component to this conversation is the role of technology. The reader is called to look anew at American democracy through the lens of a designer. A thought provoking concept: “…designing democracy…citizens as The Fourth Branch of Government.” How might assuming the role of a designer of democracy, coupled with a new paradigm for revolutionary action and citizen created technological strategies remedy these real threats to America? This is American democracy 2.0. Read it now…

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