Sacred Path Of The Warrior

Written By: Chogyam Trungpa (Tibetan)

Vocation: Buddhist, Meditation Master, Scholar

Often times in life the most simple concepts and ideas prove to be the most profound. On the other hand, these same basic principles also seem the most challenging to consistently implement. It’s as though our minds say “yes, I know I ought to do this or ought not do that.” But, then our bodies seem not to follow through on the implementation. How many of us have promised ourselves to exercise more, start that new project or be more kind to other people? We begin down the path only to turn away from it for one reason or another. Why do we do this? I think we do this  because we have not yet mastered commitment to the smaller actions and deeds of during our day.

Thinking about losing weight or finishing a new project seems to cost a lot of psychic effort. Our minds immediately begin to give us reasons why now is not the right time to do something. I think Trungpa’s book, Sacred Path of The Warrior, can assist anyone with beginning a practice of completing what we intend. Moreover, it encourages one to take pride in smaller actions that might otherwise seem mundane. For example, the simple act of dressing one’s self or even eating can take on an entirely different level of meaning and fulfillment if done with purpose and attention. He speaks a great deal about basic goodness in all of us. The way in which he ties this together with small tasks is a formula to approaching larger ones. Other concepts such as wind horse and eastern sun round out the overall theme of the book. We can be spiritual warriors in life. We can face our fears and our lives with freshness and greater vitality by committing to recognize and implement certain minimalist principles on a micro level that will have a macro effect.



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