When A Woman Knows Her Place

So, you have inquired where is my place? Where do I belong?

I am the source of your muse…the reason for your song

While you may be the sword I am the shield

That one nursing you back to health after being wounded on the field

Our home I manage and our children I personally raise

Which I do out of love expecting little praise

Through all of your shameful acts and tawdry affairs

I stand beside you, and behind you, with a love that’s rare

When you believe that you can’t I tell you can

Because I am a Woman…and well…you’re just a man

Work a 9 to 5…yes I do that too

Though I’m paid less money for the same work you do

When you are sick I take good care of you

And when you need a little lovin’… it’s me you turn to

So, when you ask me where is my place…my response is everywhere

Of course you’re free to disagree…if you so dare!


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