Parsley Power

So many great foods, spices and herbs come from the Mediterranean region. Maybe that’s why I enjoy eating cuisine from this region! One of the great herbs with roots in the Mediterranean is parsley. This herb really packs a punch. I first remember encountering it as child. Whenever you went out to eat it was used as a garnish. I remember I use to pick it up. Then I would smell it and put back down. I wondered why someone had left ” a little tree” on top of my food ha ha! In any case it was not sweet or salty so I just tossed it to the side to get to the meat and potatoes. Wow, I really got that wrong back then…but as a child I didn’t know.

Parsley is packed with vitamins. These include vitamins A, E, C and K. It also contains calcium, iron, riboflavin, magnesium, zinc and phosphorous. That’s a lot of potency in one small herb. I have to share a story with you about just how powerful parsley really is. It’s funny to me now, but I did not think so at the time. Many years ago I, when I was still early in my whole-food journey, I made a terrible mistake with parsley. I ignored the dosage amount to add to a really powerful vegetable juice I was making for the first time. I still like to make this juice today. It has garlic, celery, carrots, ginger and…you guessed it parsley!

This powerful concoction can knock the life out many infections! I was not sick at the time. I typically go years on end without even getting so much as a mild cold let alone anything more serious due to my lifestyle and nutritional choices. I drink this once in a while as protection against flu and colds that people seem to catch several times a year. Anyway, the recipe called for adding only one handful of parsley. But, I thought (as many new to this world do) that is a natural ingredient so why not do 2 or 3. I thought my juicer (cheap one at that time) would not get it all so I might as well throw in some more. Big mistake.

The second mistake, which caused my particular problem, was that I did not follow the “sip slowly” instructions. Again, I thought “these are just vegetables and can’t do anything bad to me.” I sipped it a few times. First I felt the hair on my neck stand up and my nasal passages open up WIDE ha ha. That was not a bad feeling. I felt so alive and my vision was sharp. It was when I decided to gulp the rest of it down like a glass of water that got me in trouble. In less than a minute the room started spinning around. I was completely dizzy! I literally put my hand against the wall and had to sit on the ground for about 5 minutes. Then the dizziness stopped.

I went to read up on what happened to me. This made me research each ingredient and its powers and potential negative impact if used incorrectly. I was a fan of Jay Kordich (a.k.a. The Juice Man) who passed away last year at age 93. I credit him for getting me into juicing and the art and science behind it. I use to read his books and even had bought two of his juicers. I use to juice 2-3 times daily with a ratio of two glasses of vegetable juice for every 1 glass of fruit juice.

Anyway, Jay said words to the effect that aside from the bowel problems that could be caused (thankfully that was not my issue) by overdoing parsley that it had the power of a strong cocktail! I think he said something like “if you want to be knocked on your butt parsley will do it.” That’s what happen to me. If I recall correctly, it has to do with green leafy veggies carrying a strong dose of chlorophyll. He said don’t make a juice that contains more than 1/4 of one of these chlorophyll packed items in it or you may run into serious problem. I’ve learned most of what I know by experimenting on myself first. Lesson learned…the hard way! (but I’ve never got it wrong since then)

Parsley is said to help fight against all kinds of nasty ailments and health conditions. Rheumatoid arthritis, tooth aches, skin problems, kidney stones and urinary tract infections. It also reduces internal inflammations and boosts the immunity system. Some also boil the roots of it and drink the water. This is said to serve as general full body cleanser. Herbs are natural, but remember that regardless of how much you like or dislike their tastes, they are medicines. So if you eat them or use them for any purpose pay attention to the dosage suggestions and other relevant facts related to using them or consuming them. You don’t want to end up on a self-made roller coaster in your own kitchen (or something worse) like I did my first time around!

Health is wealth,

-Sensei Derek Fletcher



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