Snakes In African Spirituality


Sensei Derek Fletcher demonstrating a snake stance

In the west, snakes are often viewed as evil. However, in several African traditions they are deeply spiritual symbols. Note that many Pharaohs are depicted with a snake in the location of the third eye. Likewise, some African dream interpreters say that to see snakes in your dreams means your ancestors are calling you. If the snakes are not biting you, it’s just a call…if they do bite it means they are displeased with you.

Before ever seeing a snake on television or my awake state I saw them nearly nightly in my dreams as a child and was terrified. They never attempted to bite me. My mother never took me to a doctor or ever thought I needed to be medicated or drugged. I believe they called me to heal myself and others. So this is my life..


Peace & Blessings


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