Spouse Care Support Group


If you (or someone you know) is presently caring for a spouse with a serious mental or physical disability or disease please keep reading. Marriages can be challenged in so many ways. But, when an unforeseen illness suddenly becomes part of the relationship it can have a catastrophic impact on the marriage. Both partners will invariably undergo a number of different changes. As the spouse caring for the sick spouse, these challenges often include feelings of guilt, anger, frustration, helplessness and deep sorrow. Quite frankly, some spouses just become completely overwhelmed and don’t have the proper support to deal with this type of situation. That is why a healing support group is essential to your process. A space where you can give voice to your challenges with other individuals all equally concerned about seeing themselves and you through this journey of commitment.

I will personally facilitate these 6 week/90 minute co-ed support groups. The groups will be limited to 9 people each in order to maintain the proper environment necessary for real healing to take place. If you’re interested in joining (domestic and international clients are welcome) please click this link: Spouse Care Support Group and send me an email. I will contact you to discuss details and address any questions or concerns you have. It will be a simple click of a button to join each weekly live session online and you may participate while on-the-go or from a private location of your choosing anywhere in the world where there is good internet connection. Our goal is to nurture and support each member in the group while maintaining an open and collaborative space for honest dialogue.

Peace and Blessings,


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