Womens Divorce Support Group


If you (or another woman you know) is presently going through a divorce or has been recently divorced (within the last 18-24 months) I cordially invite you to join one of my Womens Divorce Support Groups. No matter how civil or uncivil divorces may be there is always some degree of psychological, emotional or spiritual harm inflicted on the parties involved. A woman’s ability to cope with this may be particularly challenging if she also works/has a career, is expected to have primary responsibility of any children that may be involved during the process or otherwise carry the weight that men are sometimes able (or simply willing) to avoid. There are no winners or losers in divorce. There is only the process of trying to complete the process in the most healthy manner that the situation will allow.

While each divorce is different, there are some common cognitive and social challenges that most women eventually will face in divorce. The ability to communicate with other women who may be further behind or ahead of you in the process will help create a healing environment in which you may be heard without fear of judgement. Divorce is often combative and nasty particularly if or when lawyers get involved. Your support group will be an oasis to make an effort to act in accordance with your highest self. This will be serious work but well worth it.

I will personally facilitate these 6 week/90 minute support groups. The groups will be limited to 9 women each in order to maintain the proper environment necessary for real healing to take place. If you’re interested in joining (domestic and international clients are welcome) please click this link: Womens Divorce Support Group and send me an email. I will contact you to discuss details and address any questions or concerns you have. It will be a simple click of a button to join each weekly live session online and you may participate while on-the-go or from a private location of your choosing anywhere in the world where there is good internet connection.

Peace and Blessings,


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