The Yoga Of Jesus

Written By: Paramahansa Yogananda (Indian)

Vocation: Yogi, Mystic, Guru

I encountered this book as part of my personal quest to discover more about Jesus than what had been taught in church and in the Bible. I had a hard time understanding how such a master teacher could have walked the earth and so much of his life history have “gone missing” or unrecorded in any fashion. As my research and spiritual insight took me further East, I discovered sources from as far as Tibet that spoke about Jesus in detail. There were roughly 18 years of Jesus’ life that were either said to”be a mystery” or alternatively “not relevant to one’s faith or it would have been recorded.” I found both responses unsatisfactory.

I came across this remarkable book written by Yogananda. It not only speaks about the “missing years” but more importantly the spiritual language and teachings of Jesus. It seems far more consistent (his teaching method and way) with what many of the so-called Gnostics said of Jesus. It did not sound like a dogmatic, literal and legalistic faith or spiritual path that has characterized Christianity especially since the First Council of Nicea and Christian Crusades. No, there is a deep wisdom expressed in this book about Jesus. There is also a great deal of love and reference for him. It was not my intention to seek an alternative source of Jesus’ teaching but only to learn where he was, what he did and so forth. It turns out that many other people in the world have recorded things about meeting and seeing Jesus that somehow have been veiled from the West. I really believe this has been a great disservice to the Christian community.

This knowledge I believe would only enhance a Christian’s understanding and love for Jesus. That said, this book may also prove offensive for any follower of the Christian faith who is a literalist. But, for everyone else I strongly encourage you to read this book. It is relatively short yet FULL of deep spiritual insight. It even uses specific biblical text at times for specific reference. If you approach it as I did, for mere exploration, it will be a wonderful read. Enjoy!



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