Does Enlightenment Require Loss Of Emotions?

Question: Does enlightenment require loss of emotions?

This is an excellent question. I can tell you from direct experience from counseling my Mind Mastery clients that this question often arises. On the one hand, people do not want to experience pain or suffering or any of the emotions that come with them. On the other hand, they desire to “feel” happy all of the time. Essentially, this is a spiritual quagmire. One which usually leads to less happiness and more suffering. You may be surprised to know that you may have had more enlightened moments in your life already but do not realize them as such. The attempt to gauge enlightenment, or depth of Consciousness, by how much or little we feel emotions is a futile endeavor. It can easily throw us off the path of enlightenment.

This question would only arise in a being who presently perceives him/herself as having a Self. Any sense of having an identity (feint, mild or strong) will necessarily lead to slavery to emotions. I don’t believe, nor do I teach, that emotions are bad or good. They simply are an experience within Consciousness like any other phenomenon. They may feel more personal or regularly experienced because one is habituated to seeking, noticing, desiring or escaping them. This may be particularly so during an existential or spiritual crisis. An enlightened person has no sense of identity. They are enlightened because of this lack of identity with a “Self” which is preoccupied with phenomena…in this case “emotions.” By losing, or shedding this false identity of Self (some may call it the ego), emotions will still be felt but not necessarily obeyed. Meaning the experience of the emotion called “anger” may arise in an enlightened being but lack the power to cause that being to act in furtherance of that anger.

In summation, there is no need for the emotions to be lost when one has mastered the mind. Emotions can be quite beneficial and even enhance certain experiences for one who does not identity as or with them. Emotions remain as potential experiences in the Consciousness of an enlightened being but they are not her/his master. So feel free to continue to feel.

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