Derek Fletcher: Author, Buddhist, Sensei, Plant-Based

 Welcome Dear Visitor!

Thank you for visiting my site. There is a lot of noise in the world today. This noise is resulting in a great deal of existential nihilism, spiritual malnutrition and anxiety. This seems particularly true in “the West.” We all need healthy ways to prevent falling victims to this. For me it’s a love of reading, a fulfilling spiritual practice, martial arts and plant-based eating! My mother instilled a deep thirst for reading in me at an early age. My favorite areas of reading include philosophy, religion, ancient metaphysics, phenomenology, theoretical scientific thought, biographies and history. My favorite fictional writer is indisputably Fyodor Dostoyevsky.  I was raised in the Baptist Christian tradition but have ultimately found my spiritual home in Buddhism.

Educationally, my background is in speech communications, rhetoric and philosophy. (B.A. Speech Communications & Rhetoric)  I enjoy physical activities and have been a martial arts practitioner since childhood. At age 11, I was introduced to meditation through my martial arts training. Meditation, and martial arts, have remained essential components of my daily life practices. Nutritionally, I follow a plant-based diet. (i.e. vegan no eating dairy products or meat) My reasons for doing so are spiritual and for its health benefits.

Please be sure to visit my Blog. I try to keep the content fresh. If I may assist you via any of my Services, I will be happy to do so. Thank you.

Strength & Honor,

-Derek Fletcher

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