Love Letters: Him To Her

Written By: Derek Fletcher

Release Date: February 1, 2018

Formats: Paperback ($9.99 usd) & eBook ($4.99 usd)

Available Feb 1, 2018: Click Here to Order Love Letters

Description: (available on Amazon)

This is the first volume of the series, Love Letters, and this volume is subtitled “Him to Her.” In this book series Derek Fletcher explores a phenomenon of interest to everyone, love! This is not an attempt to define love, explain it or otherwise sanitize it. Derek believes that valiant attempts to do this have already been made. He also believes that though some of these efforts by poets, philosophers and writers have proven to be interesting, and even profound, that ultimately seeking to define love is a futile endeavor. So in a creative and engaging way Derek has chosen to offer the reader what we all truly desire…the experience of love.

Through the medium of love letters the reader is given a direct entry into the hearts, minds and souls of people who are grappling with the intricate challenges and pleasures that only love can bring. This first volume contains 14 different love letters. Each has its own purpose, meaning and context which the reader will personally experience. As the reader, you’re given an unfiltered view into one of the most intimate exchanges that two people can share. Love letters, whether writing or receiving them, is love happening. The entire process is the meaning. Joy, sadness, confusion, anger, innocence and betrayal are all on display in these love letters. From the very first letter you’ll be hooked! Order it now on Amazon:Order Love Letters: Him To Her




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