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I don’t often recommend many products or services. But, I get a lot of questions about what kinds I use to maintain my health. On this page you’ll find products (and services) that I use. You may even get some amazing special offers and discounts so come back often!


Use discount code “FletcherKempo” or click this link: Get 40% Off Now! to get your discount on your online purchases of Black MP Living Water products. Discount applies to all powders, concentrates, sprays and fat burners.

What’s inside these products? Many powerful minerals and probiotics (hence the “MP” in the name) that you are not getting from your diet even if you’re eating healthy. The soil is so depleted of essential minerals that it once had. Click on this link: The Minerals I’m Missing to get the precise details on the powerful ingredients in this organic mineral-rich water!



(Daily Healing & Spiritual Nourishment)

You can expect to read, see and listen to soul nourishing and thought provoking content. The focus is on Consciousness, spirituality and love. This will be explored using many different mediums including nutrition! No particular faith or philosophical point of view will be presented. Rather than focusing on any particular tradition, the focus will remain directly on exploring and tuning into Consciousness with the goal of forming a community deeply grounded and rooted in love and understanding. Whatever your beliefs may be you are welcome here! This is your space to simply just Be… It’s a great opportunity for those unable to afford my service fees to get some quality support when you need it and on your own time. Click here for details and to join the community: Consciousness, Spirituality & Love


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