Mind Mastery Counseling

Mind Mastery Counseling:

Is it really possible to master your mind? Yes it is. Sensei provides personal one-to-one mind mastery counseling services for domestic and international clientele. His customized services are presently offered in 3, 5 or 10 session packages only. Sessions are 45 minutes long and may be conducted in-person or virtually. (i.e. telephone, video conferencing, online) Sensei also holds online and in-person group sessions, workshops, seminars and retreats.

Sensei has created a systematic approach to mind mastery stemming from his life long experience with discipline. He has had to apply his mind mastery skills and understanding to many of the debilitating challenges of life. However, Sensei has not merely survived those experiences but has emerged whole and complete. As a published author, martial arts expert with 30+ years of experience, a practicing buddhist and following a completely plant-based diet (no fish, meat, dairy or soy) Sensei’s life is one of peace, excellent health and mental stability. How he has done this is what he teaches.

There are four components to Sensei’s system:

1. Buddhist Concepts: specifically its psychology and philosophy

2. Movement & Breathing: (1) breathing exercises, (2) basic katas (choreographed movement sets) and (3) dynamic postures

3. Contemplation: structured and intense mental exercises reminiscent of Einstein’s “thought experiments” process which resulted in some of his deepest scientific discoveries

4. Meditation: seated silent Chan style and Singing Bowl style

Take the first step now to discovering your true power, mastering your mind and your relationship to your life’s experiences! Get started by sending Sensei a personal email by clicking here: Contact and select “Mind Mastery Counseling” from the drop down menu.


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