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Satsang With Sensei (14 June 2020) 10-11:30am PST

Satsang With Sensei

Attend one international group Satsang with Sensei via Zoom. The $20 registration fee is for one participant to attend. Be sure that the name and email address on your paid invoice are the same that you will use to log into the event as they will serve as your only proof for being admitted. Registration will close at 8am on the day of satsang. You may also register using the Venmo app to: @PlantPoweredBuddhist



Most westerners may not be familiar with the tradition of satsanga also called “satsang.” Satsang derives from the Sanskrit words “sat” (pronounced “sot”) which means “being, essence, truth or reality” and “sanga” (pronounced “song-ga” as in “song”) which means “association or gathering”. So loosely we can say satsang is “a gathering with beings for Truth.” Or perhaps “association of true beings.”

Who should attend Satsang with Sensei? Anyone seeking to eliminate their stress, anxiety and personal suffering within a conscious community seeking the same . This a dynamic interaction between Sensei and attendees where one (1) may have the opportunity to ask questions directly of Sensei and have them answered in real-time (2) request to speak live with Sensei (all other attendees witnessing the conversation) during the satsang or (3) simply attend in silence and observe the entire interaction and exchange with others while in deep contemplation and reflection. No participant will be required to speak, ask questions or be heard. Rather, it is a privilege that may be granted to an attendee if the question is deemed by Sensei to be directly relevant to the purpose of these gatherings and broad enough so that all participants could benefit from exploring it.


Satsang with Sensei is open to all true seekers regardless of their personal beliefs, religious affiliations or lack of any. Minimum age requirement to participate is 18 years old. International and domestic participants are welcome as this will be facilitated via Zoom with live simultaneous audio and video of Sensei.


Satsang with Sensei dates will be posted on this page/site and regularly updated. Participants may register to join this international gathering up until 2 hours prior to the start of the satsang that day. Any registration made at/or after the cut off point will be applied to the next scheduled satsang that is not already fully booked. In order to accommodate both international and domestic attendees, Satsang will be scheduled twice a month on specific Sundays from 10:00-11:30am PST (Pacific Standard Time). Duration: 1.5 hours each. Attend any Satsang with Sensei, and as often as you like, as each gathering is organically conducted but with the same goal in mind. The more regularly you attend the more you are likely to benefit.

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