The spiritual consulting sessions are conducted in-person, via Skype/video conferencing or by telephone. By appointment only. Must be at least 18 years old. Male and female are welcome. Open to all regardless of spiritual or philosophical background or a lack of one. Likewise, those interested in integrating more plant-based nutritional choices into their lives, or completely transitioning away from meat and dairy, are welcome to consider me a source.

15 Minute Session (“Tea Time”) Rate: prepaid donation in US Dollars, amount decided by you) The 15 minute limit will be strictly observed as these sessions are not meant to be “in-depth” sessions.  (You don’t need a PayPal account to pay via PayPal)

35 Minute Session (Rate: prepaid via PayPal or Venmo $69 USD)

70 Minute Session (Rate: prepaid via PayPal or Venmo $113 USD)

Click here: Schedule A Session to send me an e-mail.


Fletcher Kempo Karate is a complete art-form. It’s five foundations are: Self-defense, Philosophy, Nutrition, Meditation and Charity. One of the unique features of the curriculum is the requirement of doing charity (adults and kids) as part of belt advancement. Students may advance to Black Belt and into advanced Black Belt/Master levels. FKK only accepts students beginning at age 10 and above for philosophical and maturity related reasons. I began at age 11 and the friends, experiences and memories have enriched my life. I have 30+ years of experience in karate, self defense and martial arts.

I am available to teach onsite at a mutually agreeable time and place . I teach students at their homes, their offices, at parks and beaches as well as at gyms. My teaching method follows the way the original masters taught…personal. For that reason, I don’t elect to teach people simply because they can pay. It’s of great importance to me as to why a person wants to learn or wants their child to learn. Our mutual agreement is the establishment of a personal relationship, not a business transaction. I stand by the belief that no matter what your current situation is (or that of your child) karate will only add value and enhance your life. Let’s connect.

Semi Private Lessons (70 minutes each) 2-4 people @ $75 per session/per person

Private Lessons (70 minutes each)  1 person…contact for pricing

Click here Sign Up For Karate Lessons to send me an e-mail.  (Payable via PayPal or Venmo)

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