Sensei helped me navigate through the inner maze of fear, doubt and confusion. At a pace that served me at the moment, guided by Sensei, I was able to work through a lot of blocks created over the years and arrive at the point of clarity that helped me make the most important decision of … Continue reading Inna T.

Inna T.

My goal was to lose belly fat and has been for most of my life. Sensei’s mind mastery techniques about food and 3-2-1 meal guidelines were especially helpful. Clothes are fitting better and my energy is up!

Miriam A.

If you want to immerse yourself into the great unknown, and tap into the awareness of your capabilities, look no further. My sessions with Sensei have taken me through a journey of self discovery. Throughout the process of doing the work I’ve been able to experience the power of his words. Each session has been … Continue reading Nathalie V.

Nathalie V.

Sensei Derek has helped me to see the challenges in my life from a different perspective and to realize that I am ok. He has taught me to be more accepting of things as they are, trust in the universe and be open to the possibility of miracles.

Beth T.

Sensei is one of the kindest, most introspective, and most spiritual people I have had the honor to meet and work with. Within each of these realms, Sensei has journeyed with me beyond many mindsets and worldviews that I have held. Along the way, he has given me the tools I need to tend my … Continue reading Michelle S.

Michelle S.
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